My Talk on Serverless Architecture

A few days back, I had a chance to give a talk on Serverless Architecture —  the topic about which I’m passionate about and have been working on for some time now.

It was my second time doing public speaking but unlike before most of the audience were from different software companies. The event was organized and managed by the Code Movement.

I love and promote OSS (open-source software) and have been OpenSourcing on serverless especially AWS Lambda for the last 2 years. It was the main motivation behind giving this talk.

The venue that we decided was Datum Square Hall at Software Technology Park 3, Islamabad on 18th January.

We covered the following topics in details:

  • Journey to Server — Why was there a need for serverless in the first place.
  • What is Serverless — How do the serverless works under the hood.
  • Why Serverless — Major benefits of using serverless.
  • Serverless Frameworks — Development of serverless functions using different serverless frameworks.
  • Serverless in Production — Some production use cases for serverless.
  • Demo — Demo using the AWS console and API Gateway. Another Demo using Serverless Framework.

Check the slides here.

Moments to Remember

Looking back at my experience, I’m very thankful to have taken the opportunity to share the knowledge with the people around. I felt nervous at first but those feelings went away after some time and everything was smooth afterward.


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  1. Saim says:

    Great talk its our pleasure to have you in our conference, looking forward for more great stuff from you.

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