My Talk on Serverless Architecture

A few days back, I had a chance to give a talk on Serverless Architecture —  the topic about which I’m passionate about and have been working on for some time now.

It was my second time doing public speaking but unlike before most of the audience were from different software companies. The event was organized and managed by the Code Movement.

I love and promote OSS (open-source software) and have been OpenSourcing on serverless especially AWS Lambda for the last 2 years. It was the main motivation behind giving this talk.

The venue that we decided was Datum Square Hall at Software Technology Park 3, Islamabad on 18th January.

We covered the following topics in details:

  • Journey to Server — Why was there a need for serverless in the first place.
  • What is Serverless — How do the serverless works under the hood.
  • Why Serverless — Major benefits of using serverless.
  • Serverless Frameworks — Development of serverless functions using different serverless frameworks.
  • Serverless in Production — Some production use cases for serverless.
  • Demo — Demo using the AWS console and API Gateway. Another Demo using Serverless Framework.

Check the slides here.

Moments to Remember

Looking back at my experience, I’m very thankful to have taken the opportunity to share the knowledge with the people around. I felt nervous at first but those feelings went away after some time and everything was smooth afterward.


My Talk on GitHub and Open Source

A couple of months ago, I got approached by a student of COMSATS University, Computer Science Society  —  asking me to give a talk on GitHub. At first, I thought, there is no way I’m going to speak up in front of people. I never talked to a group of people for more than a couple of minutes. After much thought, I decided to take the opportunity. As an alumnus of COMSATS, it was the least I could do for the students.

The venue and the time that we decided was Seminar Hall at COMSATS Electrical Engineering Department on 23rd April 2019.

Deep down inside I, being an Open Source Developer, wanted to inspire students to start using GitHub and contribute to Open Source Community. I wanted to teach students what I didn’t know during my junior and sophomore years. I told them GitHub is the best portfolio they can have in 2019.

These were the topics that we covered in details:

  • Why Git?
  • What is Git?
  • Git Clone
  • Git Add
  • Git Commit
  • Git Status
  • Git Push
  • Git Pull
  • Merge Conflicts
  • Git Log
  • Git Reset
  • Branching
  • Git Merge
  • Pull Requests

In the end, we did a small activity in which students contributed to my GitHub repository by creating a pull requests  — which I merged later on.

Moments To Remember

Looking back on my experience, I’m very thankful to have taken the opportunity to speak. I learned a lot during the preparation on talk and looking forward to more such opportunities. If you’ll ask me, I was nervous? Hell, Yes. I barely slept that night due to stress. But again, if you are doing something for the very first time, it is like getting yourself out of comfort zone. And, this is where you do wonders.

Thanks to Wajahat Ali Abid for helping me out during preparation and then giving the talk. And, special thanks to Hadia Jalil, who herself is a very good iOS developer, for all the support and helping me in making this event a successful one.

Peace ✌

👋Hey There!

I’ve been trying to write this post from some time now but never got a chance. It’s always hard to get started on writing especially if you’re doing it for the first time but let’s do this.


In case you haven’t perceived yet, I’m Hassan Murtaza. I graduated from COMSATS University, Islamabad last year (2018). Currently, I’m a DevOps Engineer at OneByteLLC. I credit myself for being hardworking, resilient, goal-oriented and focused. I love spending time with my family and, friends mean a lot to me.


Nowadays, most of my time spent on learning and building automation workflows on AWS Cloud. Building CI/CD pipelines using AWS code services such as code pipeline and infrastructure automation using CloudFormation are my favorite recipes . Doing automation in the cloud using serverless architecture (Lambda) fascinates me a lot. In short, right now I’m managing a cloud architecture with more than a ton of resources such as EC2, RDS, SNS, Lambda, etc and looking forward to growing from here.


Because of my interest in CI/CD pipelines, I’ve gone above and beyond and learned tools such as Terraform to do infrastructure provisioning and Jenkins to automate software delivery process. I have set up an Elastic Stack to monitor the logs from a fleet of EC2 Instances. I work closely with a team of developers and promote DevOps culture.

🎩OPEN SORCERER (pun intended :D)

The whole concept behind open source intrigues me a lot. Like how you can help the people around the world and make a difference through your knowledge. Special thanks to Ahmad Awais for being a huge motivation for me when it comes to open sourcing new and awesome stuff 💯. I regularly open source stunning stuff on serverless architecture and AWS services. Feel free to follow me here MrHassanMurtaza


I believe there are three things about your life that you should always prioritize. And, these are health, diet, and exercise.
I love hiking. I do it every once in a while to get some time out of my busy routine and refocus on my goals and progress. Other than that, I do running every morning to keep myself energetic for the whole day.


Get in touch with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or shoot me an email.